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Services We Provide 

Offered in-person, online, and private sessions avalible for individual groups and organizations 

 Wellness Skills Workshops
Community Resiliency Model (CRM)® 

Interactive workshop to

learn wellness skills to better manage stress.

Participants will understand how stress and trauma impact human beings and learn basic wellness skills based on our biology to come back into balance in mind, body, and spirit

1 Hour and 30 Minute Introduction Workshop
3 hour Workshop
1 Day Workshop
2 Day Workshop


Young Businesspeople

Group Coaching Sessions

Learn skills and tools to support your well-being in a community of people committed to bettering themselves to feel whole again, rebalace, reengage. 


A Supportive Hug

Gentle Yoga Flow

Trauma-Informed gentle yoga flow with many benefits of light stretching, meditation, body relaxation, and mindful movement.

Private Group/Organization Sessions Offered 

Yoga Session

Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Bath

Guided relaxation meditation with sound to promote better sleep, reduce anxiety, and enhance performance. 
45 minute
60 minute 
90 minute sessions 
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