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The Catalyst to Healing Our World

by Kelly Purcell

Imagine our world where every single person on earth had the tools, knowledge, and skills to act, respond, communicate, and live from the best parts of ourselves, where all people had tools to know what was happening in their experience and why they react the way that they do AND had tools to do things differently when they weren’t.

How different would our world be if people could learn simple skills and knowledge, to recognize what’s happening in their experience before they pull the trigger, before they hit the child, before they pick up the drink again, before they assault someone, the ripple effect and hope of these skills can have a divine, transformative, and imperative impact on our world.

When we learn about how stress and trauma impact the brain and our experience, and how supportive, caring relationships heal, we empower ourselves to grow and change, and we not only heal ourselves, and each other, we heal and change our world.

The Community Resiliency Model has been used all over the world as a model for awareness and healing both individually and collectively. It's a set of six wellness skills that anyone can learn, across all cultures, languages, literacy abilities, ages, based on our biology as human beings, we can learn and use these skills that I know can change our world.

Are you willing to envision this world with me? To step onto this journey to learn how we can prevent these things from happening? Every person can learn tools and information to allow us to show up in the world from our true nature, loving, present, compassionate, and aware. These skills will not only change your life, they will change our world. They are a catalyst to healing ourselves and our world. Join me.

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