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Sound Healing 

WILMA Sound Bowls .jpg

Crystal singing bowls promote deep relaxation and healing rest for the mind, body, and spirit. The sounds and vibrations help reduce symptoms of anxiety and fatigue leading to increase in focus and performance. 

"Kelly is a magical, down to earth soul. She truly cares for her students and that shows in her classes. She is a mindful & intentional teacher that always makes me feel safe to feel into my practice. I feel held in her classes. Her restorative yoga + crystal sound bowls is a beautiful gift that I wish everyone could experience. I highly recommend Kelly for everyone and every body. You won’t regret it!!"                                                       - Sabrina P.

"I really enjoy sound baths and think Kelly is the best there is! If you have a chance to experience this amazing practice, don't think twice. The healing sounds and vibrations of the singing bowls can relax and restore your body and mind, regulating the nervous system. You leave the experience feeling renewed and inspired. Kelly is the sweetest human being and will ALWAYS make sure you're comfortable and taken care of. Huge thank you, Kelly, for the amazing experience."                                                          - Lucila L.

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