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Workshops and Coaching

Community Resiliency Model  (CRM) 

Image by Chris Montgomery
Image by Chris Montgomery

CRM Workshops 

Our CRM workshops teach biology-based wellness skills designed to help adults and children learn to track their own nervous systems in order to bring the body, mind and spirit back into greater balance to better manage the stress in their lives and the demands of daily living, and to encourage people to pass the skills along to family, friends and their wider community.


Who is it for? 

Whether you're looking for ways to help yourself, your staff, family, children, coworkers, students or neighbors to better manage stress, this is for you! 

It's for everyone! We all need tools to take care of ourselves and support each other and that is exactly what these tools do. It's based on our biology and we all have a nervous system so anyone can learn the skills. 

Teacher and Pupil

"Kelly is an absolutely fabulous facilitator. I have now taken part in several of her CRM trainings, and I have gained valuable knowledge and tools each and every time. She demonstrates the very qualities she is teaching. I can't recommend her highly enough, for professional groups, friends, or individual sessions."                                                                     - Georgia M. 

“Kelly did an outstanding job presenting the Community Resiliency Model on my webinar! Her passion and very calm and knowing demeanor made it very easy for the participants to learn and interact with her. The skills presented were very practical and simple to use. I absolutely love Kelly and working with her, and I recommend any of her services.”        

    -Ameerah B., Founder & CEO, Scar Power

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