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Hands Up
Image by Koen Emmers


To coach people, helping them incorporate science-based tools into their lives, positively impacting the well-being of the individual and their community. 



To live in a world where people have the tools to be at peace, act compassionately, and make decisions as their best selves.


Welcome to Ground. Connect. Empower, a Wilmington-based well-being company, coaching people to incorporate science-based tools into their lives. These techniques rebalance the whole person, positively impacting their well-being, and ultimately leading to personal and community resilience.


We are committed to helping people better themselves by replacing stress, anger, and feelings of disconnection with the tools that empower them to feel rebalanced and re-engaged and reconnected. The tools we offer have changed my life and have helped me restore balance in my mind, body, and spirit empowering me to be able to make better decisions, take back control of my life, and to feel truly alive again.



I am so grateful you're here and embarking on this journey toward a greater sense of well-being. This decision to care for yourself not only betters you but those you love and all those around you. 

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