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Blue Water

What brings you a greater sense of peace, calm or joy? 

Ground. Connect. Empower. is a well-being company, coaching people to incorporate science-based tools into their lives. These techniques rebalance the whole person, positively impacting their well-being, and ultimately leading to personal and community resilience. We offer training, personal development support, yoga and sound healing for individuals and organizations.

Wellness Skills Workshops

Are you looking for ways to help yourself and your family, staff, children, friends, or coworkers better manage stress and feel better? 

Our interactive workshops and coaching uses the Community Resiliency Model (CRM)® which will equip you with tools to rebalance, re-engage, and reconnect and feel like yourself again. 

Image by Alex Shute

Sound Healing 


Relax, renew, and restore back to your natural balance through healing practices including sound healing with crystal singing bowls and yoga. 

"Kelly joined us for the AMIkids NC Family Services 2022 Fall Symposium to lead our team in yoga and an Introduction to the Community Resiliency Model and we could not have asked for a better experience! The yoga was so relaxing and was the perfect lead into our training. Moving into the Community Resiliency Model training Kelly far exceeded my expectations. We all learned such valuable information in a safe and comfortable learning environment. Kelly is so calm and gentle yet knowledgeable and strong. Our team left with a wealth of knowledge we still carry into the work we do today. We cannot thank you enough Kelly!"

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Wilmington, North Carolina

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